Substance Abuse Treatment In Delaware

The state of Delaware is one of the smallest states in the US and many people are quick to write off any addiction problems that the small state may have. But research and surveys indicate that the state has a serious and ever-rising drug problem supported by an addiction prevalence that is among the highest in the world. Two facts should be enough to paint a better picture of the exact extent to which the state’s problems have spread.

  1. The abuse of cocaine has been reducing in many states all over the US. However, the situation is quite different in Delaware. The state is among the very few in which the use of cocaine has actually risen in the recent years.
  2. Delaware is among the five states that lead in the US in the percentage of youth who use marijuana. Actually, marijuana is one of the most abused drugs in the state and most people that abuse it fail to recognize that they already have a drug addiction.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Delaware

The need for elaborate rehabilitation centers in Delaware is therefore more accurate and urgent than most other states. There are already a number of addiction treatment centers spread out all over the small state, but it is evident that these utilities are seriously underused because the levels of addiction remain very high.

Perhaps the single group in society that is in the greatest need for rehabilitation is the youth. Data from various researchers concerning the prevalence of addiction across different sections of society reveals that the youth, especially teenagers, are affected the most.

The reasons that are given for such addiction are as many and as varied as the addicts themselves. However, there are a number of specific reasons that apply to most of the addicts. The main one among these reasons is peer pressure. Most youths abuse drugs for the first time as a result of influence and pressure from their peers. They simply abuse the drugs in order to fit into society. The result of such practices is of course addiction.

Every good rehabilitation center tries as much as possible to take this factor closely into consideration when designing the most effective long-term residential drug abuse treatment, especially because these same factors are most likely to be the cause of any relapses that may occur. It is important to note that the best rehabilitation center must be one that combines effective short-term inpatient drug abuse treatment with good long-term measures aimed at preventing and taking care of relapses.

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