Hawaii Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are common in many places in Hawaii because there are many people who are afflicted by addiction. The amazing thing about these facilities comes in that all of them have unique treatment approach. Keep reading for some of the main treatment approaches used by Hawaiian rehabilitation facilities.

Holistic Addiction Treatment – This is among the most popular treatment programs used in many facilities. The approach is based on natural treatment that requires no use of synthetic medication. Common practices such as yoga, exercises, chiropractic massages, and meditation are applied in the program. When these treatment procedures are brought together, expect excellent results. For instance, withdrawal can lead to seizures and convulsions. Massages and exercises can help in getting rid of this problem.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Hawaii

Justice System Treatment – These facilities are mainly run by the state authority. They are purposely meant for addicts with socially maladjusted behaviors and criminal records. Some people become violent after abusing substance, making them a risk to the community. These addicts are arrested and taken to a justice system rehab center that treats the addiction without necessarily their permission. There is a misconception that the treatment may fail to be effective enough but research has shown that many addicts have successfully managed to get out of addiction despite the fact that they did not attend the program voluntarily.

Religious Approach – Hawaii also has rehabilitation facilities that follow religious concepts. Generally, religions such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. insist of keeping the body pure for the purpose of spiritual suitability. The addicts are counseled and urged to live according to religious requirements. In Christian-based rehab centers, addicts are convinced that drugs are satanic and they should stay away from them. This information helps in keeping the addicts away from the drug even after they leave the facilities.

Residential Treatment Approach – Residential treatment facilities are facilities suited for hardcore addicts in need of expert assistance to combat substance addiction withdrawal symptoms. This treatment program is also suitable for people with criminal and unfriendly characteristics. The addicts are provided with a drug and crime-free environment tailored to help them recover. What make these facilities different from others is that treatment is a blend of professional therapy and recovering addicts’ assistance. The patients spend time sharing with others to motivate them to start having a desirable lifestyle.

Medical Treatment – These are special kind of facilities that involves professional approaches to medication. The treatment approach is best suited for hardcore addicts as well. Detoxification, which refers to cleaning the blood to get rid of toxic elements, is a common practice. Patients are guided in tapering off drugs and alcohol to avoid developing severe side-effects. In some cases, the patients are given substitute drugs such as methadone for alcoholics to reduce withdrawal impact. The replacement substance is then removed later on.

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