Illinois Substance Abuse Treatment

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Illinois are common because there are many people afflicted by substance abuse. Recent statistics have shown that facilities located in Illinois have great success in addiction treatment, hence the reason they are categorized among the leading addiction treatment centers in US. Keep reading for more tips regarding these facilities.

The facilities understand that addiction is a complicated, though treatable condition that require use of unique treatment strategies. No single treatment procedure is applicable to all patients. This implies that several medication strategies are combined when treating patients to help them get the best treatment program.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Illinois

Another reason that has been making centers effective is the multi-dimensional treatment approach taken. Apart from the addiction, underlying problems are also addressed. Many people start abusing drugs to suppress personal problems that may be causing stress or depression. Dual-diagnosis of drug abuse can involve either a psychological or physical problem that may have come from prolonged abuse of the substance. Irrespective of the problem, treatment programs are highly versatile to ensure that everyone gets the desired treatment.

Treatment programs generally allow the patients to remain in the treatment for long periods. Several residential and inpatient facilities offer treatment programs ranging from a month to a yearlong. Depending on the ability of the patient, addicts are advised to stay in the treatment facility for longer periods. Extended support is provided to the patients after completing the treatment program. They are given appointments or even referred to support groups that help them keep determined to stay sober.

Both group and individual counseling is offered to the addicts with the aim of encouraging them to stay sober. Group support where addicts are given a chance to share their personal experiences with drugs and their triumph in breaking the addiction is encouraged between addicts since it provides great encouragement to fellow addicts, increasing chances of breaking the addiction.

Application of medication is another crucial treatment method, especially when blended with a range of other treatment plans such as behavioral therapy. There are three main varieties of behavioral therapies that can be combined with medical help to get the best success. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (this helps addicts to identify, refrain, and deal with situations that makes them vulnerable to abusing substances) and multidimensional family therapy (aimed at helping to improve the broken relationship between the addict and the community).

Motivational interviewing (enhances and provides support to addicts with the aim of helping them succeed) and motivational incentives (applies positive reinforcement to help drug addicts stay away from drugs) are also used.

The rehabilitation centers in Illinois keep revising the treatment programs they use on patients. This makes it possible for the patients to get customized treatment to their changing needs, ensuring them greater efficiency. Detoxification is also applied to patients with toxic substances that have accumulated past levels that the body is not capable of eliminating efficiently.

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