Addiction Recovery in Mississippi

The enforcement authorities in Mississippi have over the years been struggling to counter the abuse of cocaine. Recently, the authorities in the state have raised concern over the increase of crystal meth abuse.

In addition to meth and cocaine, Mississippi alcohol and addiction treatment centers have reported an increase in alcoholism and marijuana abuse. Most people are also addicted to prescription pills, especially oxycontin.

The staffs of rehab centers have stated that they have treated some patients with very severe withdrawals symptoms because of addiction to pills like lorazepam, oxycontin, and Xanax.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation in Mississippi

Mississippi law does not require insurance companies to provide medical coverage for rehab. Mississippi is one state that scores very poorly in parity laws. The effect of this is that addiction treatment in the state is costly and some people that are in dire need of treatment may not be able to afford it.

Unless your Mississippi health insurer provides comprehensive health and treatment coverage then it will not cover the cost of treatment. You will have to fund the treatment from your private funds and that is costly.

The good news is that there are several affordable and low-cost drug rehab centers in Mississippi. There are even some centers that offer free treatment. In some instances, you may be required to prove that you or your family cannot afford treatment before you can be accorded the free treatment.

Centers that offer free treatment are in most cases charitable or non–profit organizations. They will offer treatment regardless of your inability to pay for it.

Mississippi state authorities also provide some subsidized treatment for residents and citizens that want to get professional rehab and who cannot afford it. In short, you will get the necessary help if you really need it.

For the people that do not have comprehensive medical coverage, you should search for low-cost rehab facilities located near the place where you reside or work.

There are also various residential rehab facilities that offer excellent treatment facilities to residents of various cities within Mississippi. It is highly recommended that you conduct some research and review a residential treatment facility to ensure that it offers the necessary treatment programs at an affordable cost. Some treatment facilities may be very costly and research is necessary to choose the most affordable.

The duration of treatment at the center will depend on the degree and extent of addiction and the type of substance abused. It may take several weeks to several months or even one year.

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