Addiction Recovery In Missouri

Like most other states in the US, Missouri records many cases of drug abuse. The most abused drug in the area is cocaine, especially in St. Louis and Kansas City. Meth is also highly abused in almost all parts of the state.

Narcotic pain pill abuse (especially Oxycontin) and alcohol addiction are also very common all over Missouri. Statistics show that in the year 2001, about 45,666 people were admitted as inpatients for various addictions in the state. Of these, about 71 % were male.

In the same year, about 11,386 people were treated for alcohol addiction. Males formed 81% of the people that sought treatment for alcohol addiction. It can therefore be inferred from these statistics that males are the most highly affected by drug and alcohol addiction in Missouri. This is the case with most other states of the US.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation In Missouri

Many families in the US are affected by substance addiction. National statistics show that about 30 million Americans are affected by addiction and need rehabilitation.

Missouri law partially supports insurance parity for the treatment of addiction. The law is not comprehensive because it does not require Missouri health insurance providers to provide adequate coverage for the treatment of addiction as it is very express on requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for the treatment of other health conditions. To deal with substance abuse, the state laws should take the view that an alcohol addiction is a disease that can be treated with proper medical intervention.

For Missouri residents that need help for addiction, there are some centers that offer low-cost and affordable treatment. These non–profit or charitable rehab centers will offer you the basic necessary help to help you overcome the problem.

The Missouri state government also provides some funding to subsidize the cost of addiction treatment. These subsidies are available for almost all Mississippi residents and national people.

If you are addicted to alcohol or other harmful substances you should act as quickly as possible so that you can get the required help. Waiting will only make matters worse and cause further addiction.

The treatment at rehabilitation facilities will be most effective if it is sought early, as soon as symptoms are noticed.

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