Pennsylvania Substance Abuse Treatment

Pennsylvania has been popular for rampant cases of drug and alcohol addiction. Many law enforcement organizations have pointed out that some areas of Pennsylvania are major drug zones. Though cocaine accounts a major percent of most substance-related arrests, heroin takes its part as one of the most abused substances, particularly made in surplus through various drug cartels.

Various heroin traffickers are continuously seeking new clients within Pennsylvania and are particularly targeting smaller towns and rural areas with people oblivious to the side-effects that such substances could have on their health. Within the state, treatment admissions account for 14% of admissions yearly and law enforcement agencies confiscate around 20kgs of heroin in that time. Just as is the case in many places around the country, cocaine stands as the most common drug abused in Pennsylvania. This is particularly due to its affordability and availability.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Pennsylvania

Bhang follows closely as one of the most abused substances and is estimated to account for roughly 10% of cases of arrests on drug charges. Early in 2007, federal authorities netted an estimated 571.5kgs of bhang, which is one of the largest recent hauls. General admission levels to Pennsylvania substance abuse rehab centers are drastically rising and the same is also true for other parts of the country.

The main reason behind these upsurges in the number of rehab centers is the assortment of drugs that are being abused. For instance, many people are abusing prescription medications for euphoric effects. States with weak weed regulations, such as Pennsylvania, experienced an average of 30% increase on bhang rehab admissions alone.

Another drug gaining momentum is meth, which is believed to take users into a paradigm popularly referred to as the fourth dimension. There are numerous secretive meth labs in the region which produce large quantities of the drug.

Exact figures on the amount of the substance being abused have not yet been published, but the high numbers of people reporting to rehab centers with addiction to meth points to a great amount. Moreover, various drug cartels are believed to be fueling meth heads with various concealed trans-shipments arriving in Philadelphia regularly. Addicts who actively seek assistance in Pennsylvania have three general means of healing by which they can choose to undergo treatment.

An estimated 95% of these therapeutic programs are based on 12-step programs. The duration in which an addict is required to stay within the institute will also vary and can take from 12 to 18 months depending on the particular program one is put under. Extensive programs are much better than short ones since they deal with the issue in-depth.

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