Virginia Substance Abuse Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious problem in Virginia. Drugs and alcohol are abused since they can be easily accessed. The treatment of addiction is carried out at rehab centers. There are lots of substance addiction rehab centers in Virginia. It is important to conduct extensive research before settling on one.

Such rehab centers have different treatment programs, professionals, credentials, and philosophies. The cost of treatment also varies from one center to another. Treatment programs offered include outpatient, inpatient, partial hospitalization, and residential, among others. Treatment begins with conscious decision to stop the addiction.

Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation In Virginia

The patient undergoes detoxification. At this stage, toxins causing addiction are destroyed. Immediate medication is offered so that the patients do not experience substance addiction withdrawals. Rapid detox programs are not recommended since they are very dangerous. Such treatment programs are carried out in the intensive care unit of hospitals. Detox is then followed by counseling programs.

There are many counseling centers in Virginia. Detox programs are medically-based to stop dependency on drugs. Counseling sessions are mainly conducted so that patients transform their behaviors, make friends who do not use alcohol or drugs, identify ways to control addiction, build the broken relationships with friends and family. Counselors will work with patients to identify why a person started using drugs or alcohol. The patient will then be equipped with skills to deal with trigger situations.

To avoid relapse, continuous and follow-up treatment programs are provided. The patients are closely monitored by health providers. During treatment, patients are allowed to interact with family, quickening their recovery. In outpatient programs, patients take treatment while at home. Most outpatient programs are strict when therapy sessions are being conducted because patients take responsibility of their own recovery. The program is suitable for addicts who have family to take care of or a job to maintain. The patient should be willing to quit using drugs or alcohol after undergoing treatment.

The addict can also decide on psychological treatment. This type of treatment involves cognitive behavior therapy. The addicts are usually scheduled for psychiatric appointments in a treatment facility. The period of treatment depends on the strength of an addicts’ addiction. The addicts are shown ways of dealing with substance addiction. Their perspective is altered to enable them to fight addiction. In some rehab centers, patients undergo a slow tapering process.

At this stage, patients are required to reduce the level of alcohol and drug ingested over time. This enables the brain to adjust to low levels. Reducing the level consumed over time also ensures patients do not experience withdrawal. Once the program has ended, care is offered through a series of group therapy sessions.

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